Manage My Case (MMC) is providing ONE place to put all of your data, in a well-organized way.

A Preferred Legal Cloud:

Connecting legal work with technology is a step by step process which involves adaption to the legal software. One needs to espouse enough to the automation to see the growth.

You will embrace our software for:

  • Personalized Contact directory.
  • Task keeping and prioritizing
  • Contacting the clients by secure emails
  • Tracking your billing, finances and invoicing
  • Creating your Calendar
  • Easy and Quick creation of document and case files
  • Support Services for customization to meet your needs
  • NoCode Custom Fields


Let’s keep the briefcase of legal matters accessible to you anywhere and anytime.

MMC always aspire to share the burden of legal professionals by any means.
No need to have a messed up desk! - Create Documents and track them easily
Make your customized Calendar
Have real-time Notification and never miss any hearing date.